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These smart little cards can be used at millions of places that accept RuPay, at any online and in-store merchant location.




Perfect for everyone!

Use it at millions of places that accept RuPay.

Unlimited Ways to Pay Online and in-Store

Prezzy is the gateway to countless gift giving ideas. Our ingenious cards will be accepted by millions of retailers, both online and offline, who accept RuPay. With Prezzy, you can give the gift of independence by allowing your loved ones to shop for their preferred items or service at the merchants of their choice. Prezzy also ensures safe, smooth, and easy transactions experience to its customers.

The ultimate gift of choice and convenience.

Perfect for whatever you’re celebrating.

The perfect way to give warm festival wishes to your customers and employees.

Perfect for her!

The perfect gift for everyone!

Perfect for him!

How Prezzy Card Works

This gift card offers you a shopping experience that’s worth experiencing. With easier, quicker yet safer transactions, shop anywhere and everywhere that accepts RuPay powered prepaid cards. We assure you of a seamless and secure shopping experience with Prezzy!

Access Prezzy Card digitally

How it works

Lock/Unlock your Prezzy Card

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Shop with your Prezzy Card

How it works

Register and keep it safe

How it works

Start Your Journey with Prezzy Card

This RuPay gift card is perfect for gift-giving as your recipient can use their gift card to acquire the products or services they enjoy with no fuss because of its limitless flexibility in use.

Prezzy Card is the one-stop prepaid gift card supplier of choice, Grab it today!