Prezzy - How It Works?

Shopping with a prezzy card is quite similar to shopping with a traditional credit or debit card.

Explore unparalleled Shopping Adventure with Prezzy!

Much like your traditional credit or debit cards, shopping with a Prezzy card
is a breeze. Whether you’re browsing through online stores or exploring physical retail outlets, Prezzy ensures a seamless shopping experience. When making online purchases, simply enter your card information, including the card number, expiration date, and CVV, and enjoy the convenience it offers with OTP verification on registered mobile number.

Wonder, what about the physical stores? You can use the Prezzy card 
(Physical) and streamline the checkout process by swiping the card and enter your unique 4-digit card PIN on the POS terminal, ensuring a quick and secure shopping experience.

With Prezzy, shopping becomes easy! Discover how.

Easy to use

Use the Prezzy card any place RuPay is accepted to have a wonderful shopping experience. To ensure card security and usability, each prepaid gift card financial transaction requires a 2FA.,a unique OTP on registered mobile number provides a convenient and secure online payment method and a 4digit PIN for any POS transaction, offering a secure payment experience.

Seamless Procurement

The prepaid gift cards are currently available for purchase only for corporate customers. To buy this smart gift card reach out to us at, our committed team would be happy to help you at every step of the procurement process to make it easy for you.

Shop till your balance drops

Prezzy allows you to shop to your heart’s content with no bounds to your desires as it allows you to shop till your balance drops of any denomination. In a nutshell, there is no limit to your daily transactions and purchases with Prezzy!

Balance check

You have got numerous ways to check your balance. Log in to our Prezzy self-service customer portal accessible at and also available at Needless to add, our customer helpdesk is at your service a call away at 18002093991 for a quick balance check or any support!