Customer Grievance Redressal and Customer Liability

Providing customer service and support in a transparent manner is a primary focus and objective of Euronet Services India Private Limited (“Euronet”). At Euronet, we strive to build strong customer relationships by minimizing instances of customer complaints and grievances by prompt redressal and corrective actions.

Despite due care, negative customer experiences may occur. With the information set out here we intend for customers to be well informed about the customer grievance redressal and complaint handling procedures followed by Euronet.

Redressal Procedure

If a customer is dissatisfied by the prepaid card products or services provided by Euronet, and wishes to lodge a complaint, they can register their complaint through any of the channels below:


Once a complaint is escalated to any of the above channels, it shall be treated as a grievance and shall be acknowledged by Euronet within 24 hours of receipt.

Customers are required to quote their registered email id/ registered contact number/ complaint reference number in each correspondence with Euronet in respect of the complaint. Euronet shall not be responsible for addressing any anonymous complaints.

Customers may also be required to provide additional information regarding their complaint such as transaction type, dates, amounts, reference numbers, bill copies Customers who have not received an acknowledgment within this timeline, are advised to check their junk email (where registered email address has been provided). If still no acknowledgment has genuinely been received, Customers are encouraged to attempt to re-lodging the complaint through any of the channels above.

Escalation Matrix

Customers who are not satisfied with the resolution provided by the Customer Support Service team may upon completion of the defined turn-around-time and/or resolution time escalate the matter through email. The email should provide full details of the complaint (i.e. the registered email id/ registered contact number/ complaint reference number) and specify the level of escalation.

Customers may refer to the escalation matrix below.

Please note that Level II or Level III escalation should only be escalated in case of unsatisfactory resolution received from Level I or Level II respectively.

Complaints not resolved to customer’s satisfaction

If a Customer complaint is not satisfactorily resolved via the channels and escalation matrix provided, they can approach the Ombudsman under the Reserve Bank-Integrated Ombudsman Scheme, 2021 with their complaint.

Liability of customers in case of unauthorised electronic payment transactions

Customers are advised to immediately contact Euronet if their Euronet issued prepaid card is not received when due, is misplaced, lost, stolen, mutilated or compromised, or if the customer suspects that the prepaid card is being used without their permission.

Any reporting of unauthorised or disputed transactions must include all relevant details including but not limited to the customer name, card number, date and time of transaction and the transaction amount. Please note that card blocking shall be subject to due authorisation by Euronet.

Customers are required to share relevant documents and information requested by Euronet for the purpose of investigation and to fully cooperate and comply with Euronet’s requirements during the course of investigation.

The Customer’s liability arising out of an unauthorised payment transaction will be limited to: