Enhance your corporate operations with Prezzy!

Our platform empowers businesses and provides the ability to release payouts swiftly, thereby enabling you with control over issuance, activation and loading at anytime and anywhere from India.

Expect the Best from Prezzy!

  1. Access from anywhere at any time: Prezzy’s prepaid card solution makes it convenient to access the system from any location in India, 24×7. This allows businesses to manage their prepaid programmes and perform various functions without any time or location constraints.

  2. Instant Issuance: This means that you can issue cards to your employees or customers in near real-time, without any delay or dependency. This feature enhances the efficiency and speed of card issuance processes.

  3. Liberty to Load a Card Directly from the Portal: Businesses have the freedom to issue and load cards directly from the portal via dedicated yet unique virtual eCollect wallet assigned to each Entity ID with Maker and Checker functionality. This eliminates the need for reliance on third parties, for the card loading process.

  4. Dashboard Visibility: The dashboard presents essential insights, such as virtual corporate wallet balance, available card stock status along with active, inactive and expired inventory, access to transaction history, and programme performance metrics, in a user-friendly and intuitive manner. This allows corporates to monitor and analyse programme activities along with insights of beneficiary acceptance effectively.

  5. Empowered with Maker/Checker Control: The prepaid solution incorporates a maker/checker control mechanism. Before any critical actions or changes are implemented, there is a system of verification and approval in place. This control ensures accuracy, security, and compliance, reducing the risk of errors or unauthorized activities.

Unlock Several Benefits With Our All-in-One Card Management Platform:

Round-the-clock availability for card issuance and loading, enabling efficient administration and operations along with uninterrupted service for your organization.

Equips businesses with the flexibility to create and manage users and branches, granting full control over user and branch access management with maker/checker control.

For Any Corporate or Business Enquiry

To avail Prezzy Cards, please email us at enquiry@euronetprepaid.comShare details of your requirement and contact credentials over email. Our business team will connect with you on priority.

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Our Prezzy gift cards offer convenience, customization, and freedom of choice, making them ideal for corporate gifting, incentives, rewards and commission payout. By leveraging our gift cards, corporates can create memorable and impactful experiences for their resources, associates, and clients.