Prezzy – The Ultimate Prepaid Gift Card!

A prepaid gift card is a payment card with preloaded monetary value. It can be used as a convenient alternative to cash. Prepaid cards can be issued by banks and non-Banks that have a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued PPI license. Prepaid Gift cards are designed to be given as gifts to customers, employees, and business associates allowing the recipients to choose and buy items they desire.

 Unlike credit cards, prepaid gift cards do not require a credit check or a linked bank account. They are nonreloadable, multiple use instruments. Once the value is used, they cannot be replenished.

Introducing Prezzy!

Welcome to the world of hassle-free gifting with Prezzy prepaid gift cards!

Say goodbye to all the confusion that comes with choosing a perfect present for your 
recipients and embrace the convenience of letting them select exactly what they desire! 

Prezzy prepaid gift cards are secure and worry-free ensuring a seamless shopping 
experience. A versatile gift card, Prezzy is a thoughtful expression of gift-giving. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, promotion, holiday, or any other momentous event, a Prezzy gift card allows the recipients to pick out something they truly want or need.

Key Highlights

  • The Prezzy Prepaid Gift Card can be used only in India and in INR.
  • Prezzy Prepaid Gift Cards are one-time load cards that cannot be reloaded. 
  • Prezzy gift cards can be used for multiple transactions.
  • The amount that can be topped up on a Prezzy is limited in accordance with the RBI Master Directions for Prepaid Payment Instruments (PPI), i.e., Maximum INR 10,000/-.
  • Prezzy Card allows you to top up your prepaid gift card with any amount between INR 100 and INR 10,000. 
  • Prezzy Card is a prepaid card brand of Euronet Services India Pvt. Ltd. and issued under the licence from RBI to issue prepaid cards in India.

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