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Getting a card

What are the features of the Prezzy Gift Card?
Prezzy Gift Card is issued in partnership with RuPay. Prezzy makes gifting convenient and hassle-free. It allows a wide range of choices to the user to purchase merchandise and services of their preference from merchant outlets across categories. Our gift cards come with multiple features and benefits such as :

  • A safe & secure substitute for cash transactions.
  • Prezzy Cards can be used on both online/e-commerce platforms secured through one-time password (OTP) as well as on physical retail outlets over POS terminals (if physical card) through 4 digit PIN.
  • Prezzy card customers get access to Euronet’s multiple channels of dedicated support via Customer self-service Portal, e-mail, as well as call center.
  • We provide Instant card activation and intimation to purchaser as well as beneficiary of Prezzy gift cards
  • We provide Instant SMS alerts for all financial transactions.

We support corporate gift card programs and give extensive partner program management capabilities to business through our all-in-one comprehensive card management portals.

How do I get a Prezzy Card?
It is possible to purchase the card from our registered partner entities only.

Who can buy the Prezzy Gift Card?
Currently, we are serving corporate entities and distribution partners. If you are a corporate entity or manage loyalty and R&R for corporates or in business of gifting/gift card distribution, please reach out to us at

How can Prezzy Gift Card be used?
Prezzy Gift Card can be used at any merchant establishment that accepts RuPay cards.

How do I know if the gift is activated?
You will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number once your gift card is activated. To access your card details, visit our self-assisted “Customer” service portal available at

Can I top-up this card?
Prezzy Gift card is a single time load prepaid instrument governed by regulations of RBI; it is a non-reloadable prepaid instrument (PPI).

Can I load prepaid wallets using my Prezzy card?
Prezzy gift card cannot be used to load a prepaid wallet as per RBI regulations for Gift Cards.

Is it possible to transfer funds from one Prezzy Card to another Prezzy card?
The funds available on a Prezzy Card cannot be transferred to any other payment instrument. It can be used for purchase transaction at ECOM or POS merchants.

Would I be able to withdraw cash from my Prezzy Card?
The Prezzy card is issued under the gift card guidelines of Reserve Bank of India hence it does not enable users to withdraw cash from ATMs.

Are there any charges levied when making purchases from the Prezzy card?
Euronet does not levy any additional charges for the ECOM or POS transaction made by Prezzy card users at any merchant establishment.

Note: Additional or applicable Surcharges on specific merchant establishments can be applied as per Network rules.

How do I check the balance available on the Prezzy card?

  • Check Prezzy Cards customer service portal accessible at for balance enquires or more information.
  • You may also connect us at customer helpdesk number: 18002093991
  • Additionally, every debit transaction SMS alert includes details of the remaining/available balance on the card.

Where can I get details of the last transaction that I made using the Prezzy Card?
Visit to view details of any previous transactions. You may also choose the relevant date range from the “Card Transaction” tab.

How do I find the validity of the Prezzy Card?
You can find the validity printed (if physical) on the card plastic or/also digitally (if virtual card) displayed on the customer portal post login home-screen.

What happens to the available balance on the card once the card has expired?
You can request a replacement card by calling Euronet Customer Helpdeck Number 18002093991. A new card can be issued if the available balance is more than the card replacement fee.

Is there a limit to the amounts I can transact using the Prezzy Card?
Your purchase or transaction is based on the available balance on your gift card. The maximum available amount on the one-time load Prezzy Gift card is upto INR. 10,000/-.

How is the Gift Card secured against unauthorized payment at merchant outlets?
You can take the following steps to prevent unauthorized use of the Gift Card:

  • Log into Customer Service portal at with your registered mobile number.
  • Make a separate note of your card number and customer care number for emergency use.
  • As added security, you will be asked to use both your Personal identification Number (PIN) and One Time Password (OTP) while making payments at merchant outlets.
  • Do not share payment credentials (such as card details, CVV, expiry date and month, PIN or OTP) with anyone – even if the person claims to be a Euronet Employee.
  • Do not click/open any link received via SMS or e-mail claiming to be Euronet Gift Card link.
  • If you suspect that your card details are compromised log into the customer service portal or call our Customer Care Number and hot list the card immediately.
How do I reset (generate) or change my physical Prezzy Card PIN ?
Visit and login to Prezzy Customer Service Portal with your registered mobile number & OTP > go to SET/RESET CARD PIN tab > click on RESET PIN button; your system generated 4-digit PIN will be sent on your registered email ID (please register your EMAIL ID, if not already). You can also later change & choose 4-digit PIN of your choice from same option by entering OLD PIN (system generated) and NEW PIN of your choice.

What should I do if I lose my Gift Card?
Report your lost or stolen card immediately to the customer helpdesk number 18002093991. Please also log into the customer service portal and change the card status to ‘temporary block’or ‘permanently blocked’ to avoid misuse of your lost/misplaced card.

I have my Prezzy Card, but I have lost the mobile phone to which my card is linked.What can I do?
Please log into the customer service portal or call our Customer Helpdesk Number immediately if your mobile phone (linked to the Gift Card) is lost or stolen.

What should I do if I have changed my mobile number to which the Gift Card is linked?
Log in to your customer service account and update your mobile number, provided you still able to receive the OTP from your original registered number.

If you have lost access to your old registered mobile number, please contact us via email or call our customer care number to request such a change (subject to credit cardholder verification).

Are there any other terms that I should be aware of?
Please refer to the Euronet Prepaid Gift Card Terms and Conditions available at

Where / Who can I reach out to if I need any assistance regarding the Gift Card?

Important Note: Euronet Services India Pvt. Ltd. (ESIPL) is the licensed PPI issuer in India. Prezzy Card is the registered trademark and a brand of Euronet.